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On Tuesday March 15, 2022 I had the opportunity to share my testimony with this group at a luncheon meeting at the Fort Worth Petroleum Club. When I agreed to do this, I was thinking of ‘PR’ for the Seminary, but the OCF leader said that generally a speaker might be expected to give his own spiritual testimony. I was able to accomplish both by relating instances of the Holy Spirit’s guidance in my life, leading up to my election to the Seminary board of trustees.

Background: Oilfield Christian Fellowship was founded in 1991 as an outlet for Christians in the oilfields to meet each other. OCF has evolved into other forms of outreach including a Bible ministry, prayer breakfasts, Bible studies and more. There are chapters in Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma and eight in Texas; as well as Canada and Venezuela.

Field work in the oil industry is very labor intensive. I don’t pretend to think that profanity is class-conscious – perhaps rough-hewn guys in the trenches just express themselves more colorfully. Nonetheless, OCF serves a very real purpose in the oil patch.


We Christians know that the Holy Spirit comes to indwell us when we accept Christ as our Savior. Nonetheless as humans we often rely on our own thoughts, analyses and decisions without inquiring of the Lord’s will, but sometimes His taking control of a situation is just plainly obvious. (Is that a redundancy – plainly obvious?) I relate the following instances of His work made obvious to me, in my life.

In my early teens I came within inches of a speeding car hitting me on my bicycle on a busy street. I was not a Christian at the time but I came to realize, that was so close it was a miracle I was not hit. My parents were sitting out on the front porch that evening and witnessed the event: I still have the mental picture of my Dad’s consternation giving way to relief.

Long term effects: I’m still here – God is not yet finished with me!

I returned to college at Tech in 1956 after my two-year Army ‘career.’ In September a church near campus hosted a ‘back to school’ ice cream social at which I met a young lady. Wanda was a very committed, very dedicated Christian girl. We courted several months, got engaged and planned to marry on Easter weekend in 1957 (Spring of my Junior year). As the time drew near we realized we were not ready, and moved the date to September as I would be entering my Senior and final year at Tech.

On that Easter Sunday 1957 the Holy Spirit made two big moves: God called me to salvation; and Wanda was protected from being unequally ‘yoked’.

Long term effect: Fifty-two years of faithful marriage and two very talented daughters.

In the intervening years there were plenty of opportunities to experience leading, or guiding, or protection of the Holy Spirit in our family. The next ‘really big one’ occurred in spring or summer 1985. By this time our two daughters were in their early 20s.

We were great fans of Marlin Maddoux who hosted a talk show on Christian radio; Point of View. At our family dinner one evening our daughter said, “Dad, everyone is talking about abortion. Why can’t we do something about it?” (At the time Roe v Wade had been in effect approximately 12 years.)

Thanks to Mr. Maddoux preaching what the Holy Spirit laid on his heart and in turn prompting us the listeners, the Pregnancy Help Center of Fort Worth came into being. As of 2020 our staff and volunteers have accounted for over 11,000 babies borne that might otherwise have been aborted.

Long term effect: Through the counsel of our volunteers babies continue to be saved from abortion and mothers-to-be saved to eternity.

Another instance that has had a lasting influence in my life occurred in June 1989. I was still working fulltime in the oil industry, officing downtown. I generally ate lunch at the Petroleum Club and was pretty well known among the regulars. It was election time for three new board members at the club and a list of five nominees was put up, with instruction to vote for three; the three receiving the most votes would be elected. I was number four, just two votes behind number three!

But the Lord had greater things in store for me! An attorney friend submitted my name to the Southern Baptist Convention as a nominee to the Board of Trustees at Southwestern Baptist Seminary! How much more special – Porterhouse steak instead of a hot dog!! Following only God and family, this has been one of the most ongoing, fulfilling chapters in my life. I was on the Board from 1989 to 1998 and served two years as Vice Chair and two years as Chair. Since completing my term on the Board I have remained active at the Seminary, being a member of the Southwestern Advisory Council and a Life member of the President’s Club. Now, following all that, they let me be a (volunteer) staff member!

Long term effect: A continuing association in preparing future Christian ministry partners with a Biblical education.

Lee Weaver

March 2022

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