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There are those of us from an older generation who love America and who salute the flag, honor the flag, repeat with pride the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag, glow with patriotic pride when we hear the Star-Spangled Banner and America the Beautiful; many of us fought for our country when called upon – and we look with disdain on those who dishonor and who burn Old Glory.

America has been a proud and glorious nation since breaking free from colonialism, since struggling through the civil war, since our troops were gassed in WWI, since the Dust Bowl, since the Great Depression, since being attacked at Pearl Harbor, since Freedom Rides -- yet we strove for the better and at the end of the day we held our heads high. Will this America survive, and not just survive but flourish?

There are studies that suggest the average life of a nation – whether kingdom, dictatorship, republic, democracy or other – is about 250 years. America is at 245 – is that scary? For a moment forget whether you voted red or blue in recent elections. Politicians of ALL parties think of themselves as a privileged class. How many ordinary citizens can vote themselves raises? perks? lifetime pensions with as little as five years in office? Is it perhaps true that it is the more corrupt societies or those with more privileged leaders that fall quicker? Generally, not necessarily, the people eventually say enough is enough and the changes may be drastic. In 2016 the people said “enough” and Donald Trump was elected President. The people had had enough of career politicians running the government to suit their own wellbeing; a new voice and new blood were needed. It was time to drain the swamp.

None can be happy about the events at our Capitol on January 6, none can put a positive spin on this. Yet I opine that all the events from November to the present are the culmination of four years of violence, violence arising from backbiting, backstabbing, undercutting and all sorts of mayhem fostered by the radical left, progressives and would-be socialists (including and abetted by the MSM).

When Donald Trump ran on a platform of ‘draining the swamp,’ the deeply-entrenched benefactors and citizens of the swamp saw their privileged positions at risk. From that time forward the sole interest and goal of the swamp people was to destroy Donald Trump and anything and everybody he represented.

Never mind that under his leadership the economy boomed until COVID19 reared its ugly head:

4 million jobs created after the 2016 election, including 400,000 manufacturing jobs,

New unemployment claims hit a 49-year low,

Minority group unemployment rates were the lowest ever recorded,

Economic growth as high as 4.2 percent,

Lowest unemployment rate ever recorded for Americans without a high school diploma,

And the list goes on!

Because the swamp people were threatened with diminished privileges and special status Trump must go; but not just go – must be prevented from ever again being a threat to the status quo. And not just Trump: anyone who ever thought like Trump and especially those that might be influencers. Republicans in Senate and House must be removed; Trump staffers and appointees are to be forever barred from government jobs; plain old citizens who voted their conscience must be ‘re-educated.’ The cancel culture, political correctness, the Thought Police are running rampant. Just as in China and Russia opposing political views are no longer to be allowed. Every day news reports relate some manifestation of this. The TCU faculty demands the removal of Roger Williams because he dared to suggest certain states’ electoral votes might be fraudulent. Leonard Pitts Jr. (Miami Herald) associates 49% of American voters with the “howling mob of traitors, white supremacists and goons all too starkly reflective of what the Republican Party has devolved to.” Really Mr. Pitts: 49% of voters, almost 75,000,000 Americans are goons?

For those who think Trump was presumptuous in challenging the vote, and for those who would claim Trump was preeminently the cause of the January 6 troubles, two stories have just come to my attention. (1) Every duly-elected Republican president since Eisenhower (60 years+) has faced articles of impeachment. Since Ike Dems have sought to overturn every federal election that went against them by removing every single elected Republican president. (Not including Gerald Ford – he was not elected but moved up automatically after Nixon resigned.) (2) As to violence, on November 7, 1983 the May 19th Communist Organization detonated a bomb in the US Senate chambers. Susan Rosenberg was arrested for this but was pardoned by Clinton. Last week’s riot is said to be the worst day in American history??? Rosenberg is now an administrator and fundraiser for BLM.

Nineteen-eighty-four the year is long gone; 1984 the political philosophy as recounted in George Orwell’s book is no longer a fantasy. It is charging down upon us in ever-increasing fervor. In 1984 Big Brother and The Party control everything, including the rewriting of history, including where each person may be employed, including who may marry and have children, but most especially including what one can think. The Thought Police are all powerful – to even think a rebellious thought can result in summary execution.

See any parallels today? Statues of historic figures being torn down, history rewritten, certain governmental persons forced out, and 49% of the populace (those who voted for Trump) being said in need of ‘re-education.’

DoubleSpeak: Improper thoughts (not politically correct) – look out for the Thought Police;

Christian – intolerant;

Conservative – insurrectionist.

Will America the Beautiful continue to be beautiful? Does one dare to hope? Our only hope is in the Eternal God; what happens in a four-year election is barely a blip an eternal calendar.

Headline and feature story (FWS-T 01/25/2021) Gun, ammo sales skyrocket over election, protests, virus. Spokesman for Texas State Rifle Assn: “People are worried for their safety. Calls for defunding the police, the new president and the pandemic are making people rush to gun stores.” Sporting goods store owner: “Pretty much every election season is like this. The Black Lives Matter protests over the summer prompted many gun sales.”

FWS-T Headline page 2A 01/26/2021) Rep. Roger Williams, a TCU trustee, faces faculty vote over Biden Objection.


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