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Lee Weaver

An engineer/businessman providing professional advice and consultation to persons or entities in oil and gas matters and to non-profits, while pursuing creative writing in addition to his career of business and technical communications.

As a confirmed “dyed-in-the-wool” West Texan, Lee is on a mission to extol the wonders of West Texas, particularly his hometown of San Angelo, where the skies are higher and bluer, and the stars are brighter.

Meet Lee

In his professional life, Lee started as a field engineer and ended up in the executive suite. Responsibilities ranged from overseeing field production and drilling activities to negotiating mergers and acquisitions valued in multi-millions.

Along the way, he was employed at various assignments by a major oil company – Marathon; three independent companies, and a larger independent – Richardson & Bass (Sid Richardson and nephew Perry Bass). Additional affiliations included two European entities, one of which Lee served on the board.

Concurrent with his oil and gas industry experience, he founded and directed a non-profit ministry; he served on the Board for two terms as Chairman of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

As a wannabe cowboy, Lee participated in cattle roundups in South Texas and New Mexico, and rode in parades and Grand Entries with the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Posse. He also grew and marketed hay to horse stables and cattle raisers.

Lee’s entrepreneurial spirit blossomed when he went into a feed store thinking he would sell his hay through their store. Noting that the store was under-capitalized and needing new management, seeing this as a business challenge, Lee bought the store! By bringing in new marketing strategies he increased sales, and the store quickly became profitable. Having met and accomplished his challenge, he eventually sold the store at a profit (but spoke of feeding his own stock at wholesale prices along the way!).

Lee is an aspiring author of creative writing, composing blogs, short stories, and book reviews. He is also writing a novel, the plot of which he declines to discuss other than to say, “It’s a story of tragedy and redemption.”

Lee is a man of many hats. Professionally, he holds a BS degree in Petroleum Engineering from Texas Tech University; in his psyche, he’s a “wanna-be” cowboy; and in between, a sometimes entrepreneur.

West Texas - A State of Mind

Lee hopes to inspire others through his writings.
Like the tumbleweeds that blow across the plains in late summer, his ideas spread across the internet and reach various corners of the world. Just like the tumbleweed disperses its seeds. Lee hopes to disseminate his thoughts in order to impact those who read them and inspire them to grow.

I honestly mean it, your work is truly amazing. Definitely consider the book!! I think you could definitely publish something professionally. While we would love to carry on posting, I do think that you deserve to be paid for your writing - you deserve it.
Lee - a thoughtful, sincere, and touching commentary. I like your metaphors, your connection to the Psalms, and your down-to-earth and honest recognition of aging... and aging well. I also liked your comment on kindness... seems to me an essential virtue for a happy life. A graceful essay.

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